Special and Selected

Here we have very special products that we have found for our valued customers after a long search. Whether as a gift for loved ones or for yourself - with these products we make you shine

The power of nature meets craftsmanship

The company Croll & Denecke company has relied on the power of nature - and has done so since 1897. In the family-run manufactory in Bremen, sustainable natural sponges are refined by hand.

Silk Sponge in Mermaid-S Box for particularly soft and fine-pored sea sponge for daily gentle body care

Mediterranean sponge in an eco-friendly gift box. The sponge has a slight peeling effect and is also suitable for demanding skin

Handmade since 1492

In the middle of the well-known and historic Salzkammergut, the result of more than 500 years of ceramic tradition can be seen and experienced with all your senses. First mentioned in a document in 1492, the Gmundner ceramics manufacturer based in the city of Gmunden, which is now the largest in Central Europe, has developed over the years into a true synonym for the best Austrian table culture and thus not only stands for tradition, but above all for a unique love to traditional crafts. Every product that comes from the Gmundner Ceramics Manufactory is unique - made and painted by hand and as unique as the people who buy it


Rich red combined with yellow and orange allow the design to be immersed in a wonderful play of colours. Surrounded by a world of brown and other red tones, the Landlust design looks fresh and cheerful. Each piece is made by hand and is truly one of a kind. Gmundner ceramics are also suitable for the dishwasher and microwave

Trendsetters opt for a stylish home with the Bordeaux red deer. The elegant blackberry style perfectly combines modernity and tradition with the classic motif and is therefore in tune with the times here with a drinking cup

Weavers in Tuscany since 1842

Since 1842 the Busatti family has been weaving in the cellars of Palazzo Morgalanti in Anghiari, Tuscany. Busatti is still synonymous with quality and tradition, but also with innovation thanks to the constant search for new designs, colors and models. Tablecloths, curtains, bath towels, fabric panels and much more can be made in any size and shape. Exclusive embroidery or an individual unique pattern can also be designed and manufactured

Kitchen Towels "Limoncello-Canovaccio" it gives our kitchen a touch of freshness and colour all year long

Dimensions: 60 x 70 cm
Materials: 100% Cotton
Drawing: Jacquard
Refinishing: Simple machine hem

Placemat "Olivo Selvatico" in the beautiful, timeless design of an olive tree 

Size: 40x50cm - "16 x "20 inches
Materials: 100% Cotton
Drawing: Jacquard
Refinishing: Simple machine hem

Made in London since 1947 

Kaymet products were first produced in 1947, at a factory on Kennington Lane, near the Elephant & Castle, London and are proud to be one of over 3,000 London manufacturers. Whether practical trays, tables to fold up or place mats. Here you will find everything to do with practical table culture.

Anodised aluminium tray with extruded edges that are gallery slotted, hand finished and assembled. Folding sledge legs. Kaymet Gallery Lap Trays (also referred to as Bed Trays) have been continuously produced in London since the 1950s

The Tray is available in Silver or Gold anodised finish surrounds, bases in a choice of more than 30 pattern and colour options, in anodised diamond embossed aluminium, compact high pressure laminate and powder-coated aluminium

Swedish Lifestyle and Deisgn

Born in Sweden develops beautiful design products for every home. All  items are uniquely designed, which means control the whole production chain, from the drawing table all the way to the store.
​They find inspiration to new products in the Scandinavian lifestyle, and in our fantastic nature. 

Stumpastaken was designed in 1991 and has become a Swedish design classic. Made in Sweden by 100% recycled aluminium, it is both eco friendly and sustainable. With this smart candleholder you can collect your candle stumps and burn them all the way down

A beautiful vase that is easy to place. The smart stainless steel ball, makes it super easy to arrange the flowers even if you only have a few. The vase is so pretty, you never have to put it away in a cupboard

Sustainable, colorful candles and candle holders from Hamburg

The company "not the girl who misses much" loves simple - preferably unusual - functional design, high-quality workmanship and good production conditions. They design products and are very happy to combine what they have studied and learned: "They all" are the carpenter, the industrial designer, the social worker and the interior designer

The candle consists of dyed wax - during its production, color layer by color layer is poured by hand. The packaging is printed and processed in Hamburg in a climate-neutral manner on FSC-certified, open design paper

The POP candle holder is a product that has been reduced to its essential function. In clear colours, it holds standard household candles without being in the foreground. It becomes almost invisible with candles of the same color, but is pleasingly trendy when combined with candles of a different colour. Made from powdered steel, entirely made in Germany

The Best of Polish Pottery

Perfection, skill, and excellence, those are criteria that the artisans at Ceramika Artystyczna apply every day. The result is the best quality hand painted stoneware that is not just intended for everyday use but also beautiful and highly collectable. It is FREE of harmful elements like lead and cadmium, and safe to use in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher and oven

Here a plate with the "Heart to Heart Collection". Each piece is unique and is painted by hand. On this beautiful plate you can stylishly serve and present, for example, pastries or small things

A creamer from the "Yellow Rose Collection". This must not be missing on any coffee or tea table. The colorful design is a real eye catcher

Tradition since 1956

​​​​​​​​​​​Production in Germany is a key success factor and core of identity. Kitchen gadgets have been manufactured since 1956. At Westmark, production is energy- and performance-efficient. As a certified company, the processes are regularly checked and optimized. Short distances, the highest quality standards and high availability for our customers are important.

With the small garnish syringe you can decorate cakes, cupcakes, desserts and hearty dishes in no time. The five different plastic nozzles provide variety when decorating and thanks to the push button, this works without any problems. After use, the syringe can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher

The individually tensioned stainless steel wires cut the hard-boiled egg quickly and cleanly into round or oval slices without breaking the yolk. The handle is bent upwards for easy handling

Quality from tradition

In 1857, the trained blacksmith Karl Albert Turk set up a hammer mill in his father-in-law's mill. Shovels and pans were manufactured on the large Breitehammer, which were soon known beyond the immediate home area. Turk stands for the best quality and craftmanship.


A frying pan with a forged hook handle. Can be used in many ways, best roasting result.

A serving pan with 2 handles. The meal is attractively presented - a real eye-catcher on your table.

Razor-sharp quality

In 1890, in a small Savoyard village in the Maurienne, Joseph Opinel invented the pocket knife that now bears his name. The company is now managed by his descendants. For more than 130 years, branded products of the highest quality have been made in Chambéry in the heart of the Alps and have become established worldwide. The product range includes pocket knives and tools for handicrafts, for outdoor and sports activities, gardening, but also kitchen knives, table knives and much more.

The smart and compact set to cook outside the home with the right equipment. The set consists of knives in 3 different sizes, a small cutting board and a kitchen towel

Simple and efficient, this folding knife with a serrated blade is ideal for slicing bread, large fruits and vegetables. This pocket knife has a lacquered beech wood handle and a 12 cm serrated blade made of grade stainless steel. It is the ideal companion for your kitchen and on the go.

Diversity from Italy

Since 1920, the Metall Industry Italo Ottinetti, a typical family business, represents a reference point in the overview of Italian manufacturers of aluminum pots and kitchen utensils for households and professionals. Ninety years of innovation, search for quality, care for the design and absolute attention to the customer's requests. These are the goals that have motivated this company throughout its long history and that have allowed it to gain the confidence of the market both in Italy and abroad. Italo Ottinetti only uses raw materials for its products that are suitable for contact with food - and that are exclusively of Italian origin.

This aluminum bread basket ensures a beautiful presentation and completes the overall picture. But it can also be used as a sieve

These beautiful storage jars are available with or without a practical label. The eye-catcher in your kitchen

Glass bottles with great design and sustainability

Soulbottles has been around since 2012. The glass bottles are not only 100% plastic-free, but also have great designs for every taste. They are also produced in different sizes - so everyone can find their SOULBOTTLE.

The glass bottle with a capacity of 1.0 liters in a cute "mouse" design. With detachable carrying handle.

The glass bottle with a capacity of 0.6 liters with the beautiful gold "Flower of Life"

Cu Artigiana since 1983

Cu Artigiana has been designing impressive cookware collections using traditional copper processing techniques. Based in Sant'Anastasia, near Naples, the city of the greatest master coppersmiths, Cu Artigiana creates exclusive objects for lovers of haute cuisine. Each piece is tinned by hand over fire using centuries-old methods and carefully hammered by hand, creating a series of tiny dents in the heated metal, making each piece unique.

Copper mug with riveted brass handle. Food-safe lacquered. Copper mug details: 

Capacity: 310ml    Ø: 7.5 cm    

Height (with handle): 9 cm

Not suitable for dishwashers


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